CGI product renders for Ripple - the new dairy-free milk


Project Overview

Ripple is the new hot startup in California that has set it’s goals to produce world’s first dairy-free milk that tastes just as good as the real deal. We worked with their New York based agency to visualise product packaging designs on the physical products. It was a long journey of going through versions and versions of different designs, but a robust production framework we had developed meant we could update our renders quickly allowing the agency could see their designs visualised on final products within hours.



The project started with creating four different shape and size glass bottles and producing a number of CGI product renders to visualise how the labels would look on them.

On the right you can see one of the early renders with a little playful twist to it.

Below is a shot of full range to see how they look alongside each other.

As the project developped glass packaging was replaced with plastic. This is a perfect example where CGI renders have an distinctive advantage over traditional photography method. Its way quicker to make such changes and allows to reiterate product design at a fairly low cost. Such approach also allows the creative agency to be bold and not worry about the impact of their changes when they are the most creative part of the process.



Below is the final composition render of the 48oz bottles that has been used on Ripple website as well as other marketing collateral. For us its been an exciting journey of seeing a very experienced agency developing packaging for such an iconic product and an opportunity to make our contribution to it.

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