Instore promo videos for Lemon Cafe


Project Overview

Lemon Cafe is an established cafe situated at the heart of Dublin city centre that’s been frying NY style creps and brewing their amazing coffee since 2001. In 2015 they decided it was time for them to embrace the social media and as part of the new digital strategy they were looking to get a brand and promotional content refresh.

Being their regular customers and with our studio just up the road we eagerly pitched to give a hand in producing some promotional videos for their store.


Our Approach

The plan was to start with one video to promote their latest addition to the menu - The Brooklyn Beed Breakfast and then based on how that worked we’d produce additional content that would be targeted towards various promotions and celebrations.

The videos were primarily used in-store to drive viewer attention to ongoing promotions, but they also served well on social media where Lemon could inform their most loyal fans using rich media content.

They had finally breathed new life into their outdated TV screen which served as a great addition to their static wall mounted menus.

Brooklyn Beef Breakfast

New pancakes promo

Valentines day promo

Pancake Tuesday promo

Contact Details

South Eleven
Suite 5203 - Unit 1
77 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay
Dublin 2