Heineken Star Serve Promo Video


Project Overview

Heineken Star Serve is a quality program is designed to elevate the drinking experience of Heineken consumers worldwide. Coming up to one of these events we were tasked by Heineken agency in NY to create a snappy overview video covering the five steps on serving a perfect pint of Heineken. The video was intended to be played on various screens at the event.


Our Approach

Since this was a project that required a very quick turnaround we knew we needed a smart idea that was easy to design and animate, yet leaving an impression of a high quality production. We took the assets provided and designed an animation where a camera would fly from one step to the next one while keeping the star as the central element for our transitions.



Below are some of the transitions we created for this video piece. At the bottom of the page you can see the full animation.

Contact Details

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