Animated CGI elements for Devils Edge website


Project Overview

Devil’s Edge specialises in custom taylored luxury shirts. We were brought onboard by their advertising agency to develop a couple of CGI elements whey required for the new website.


Our Approach

Creating a CGI shirt that has realistic cloth folds and naturaly drapes over a human body is not as straightforward as creating many other inanimate objects. One of the challenges we saw with using traditiona 3D modelling methods was that they were very slow to iterate and make changes to.

This made us realise that this project required some thinking outside the box and we had to source some new tools for the job. Our research lead us to a product called Marvelous Designer which is a realistic, physics based cloth simulator predominantly used by fashion designers and the gaming industry. Seeing the posibilities of their tool we knew it was perfect for our project requirements.

We used Marvelous Deigner to create our thee shirts and then 3D Studio Max and Vray to texture, light and render the final elements. They were then broken up into a number of passes and supplied back to the agency for animation in HTML5.

This was a quick test to see how transitions worked between differnet shirts. Later it also served as a reference for developers to see how everything should be animated in HTML5.

Contact Details

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