Explaining IdentityX platform in 90 seconds


Project Brief

Daon is a leading technology company specialising in biometric authentication solutions. They offer a range of digital products and services to governments and large financial organisations around the globe. In preparation to bring out their latest product to market, they made a decision to add an explainer video to their marketing toolkit.

What’s important to recognise here is that an explainer video isn’t just a “cool video that plays on the website”, but infact its a marketing tool. And as it goes for any tool, it has to be designed with clear undertanding of where its going to be used and what results it has to achieve.

Daon required the video to fulfulled two tasks within their marketing strategy:

1. First it was meant to act as an "initial handshake" during the first round of cold calls to demonstrate to a potential customer how IdentityX Platform could improve a mobile banking experience for bank customers.

2. Next it was meant to be used by their client internally to convince other departments within the organisation (finance, IT, sales, product design, etc) that this was the right solution for their business.

The overall goal of the video was to speed up the sales cycle, which can often take multiple months within this particular business sector.

With clear objectives set out we were ready to start crafting our script and figuring out the visual language of this communication.


Our Approach

Working through different creative concept with Daon’s marketing team we identified that the best way to communicate our messages was to tell a short story from bank customer’s point of view, that illustrated his frustrations with logging into his mobile banking app. That set the scene for us to provide a solution and show how easy it was to log into a mobile bank app when it was powered by IdentityX Biometric Authentication platform.

And that was the hard part done, meaning the fun part of actually making the video could finally start.

There were three key stages to producing this video and below is a quick summary of each one of them.

1. Pre-Production

- Storyline concepts
- Writing the script
- Developing a storyboard

2. Production

- Recording the voiceover
- Designing each shot of the video
- Animation

3. Post Production

- Sound and Music mix
- Video export in agreed media formats
- Video delivery

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