CGI renders for Albert Heijn print ad


Project Overview

CGI renders for Albert Heijn print ad is a result of our recent collaboration with a Dutch agency Achtung! The guys at achtung came up with a concept and brought us unboard the project to develop the visual in 3D and produce high res renders that were suitable for print.


Our Approach

This was a short notice project with only a two day turnaround time, which meant we had to work closely with creative team at Achtung! to refine our visuals and make sure they matched what they had envisaged.

We started by modelling the two cards and placed an iPhone into its position. The scene as then lit to match the look and feel of Achtung! concept design. With that in place we could spend the time to redesign the phone so it looked more generic.

Once the visuals were finished we tried out one more idea which was to make the phone look low poly and give its UI a cardboard like look. It was a nice idea but due to our short deadline we didn’t have the luxury of time develop it further and a decision was made to stick to original idea.

Design development

Low poly test



Below is the finished print ad. It was a great little project to work on and a joy to collaborate with the very tallented creative team at Achtung!

Finished Ad


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